Tokenize Securities

on Blockchain

What are Tokenized Securities?
Also known as Security Tokens

Securities are a financial instrument that have monetary value - ownership or equity (stocks/bonds/options) in a private or public company, real estate, royalty, lease, CD, etc. These securities can be digitized and placed on a Blockchain ledger in the form of a Token.  

These securities when tokenized and stored as digital assets on Blockchain, offer a number of benefits. Tokenized securities are still subject to federal security regulations. 

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What is the Advantage of Tokenizing Securities?
Cost Savings
  • Removal of middleman (bankers) from fund-raising events
  • Reduction of complexity
  • Automation of paperwork and process (KYC, AML, and AI Checks)
Larger Investor Base
  • Issuers can access domestic and international investors with varying flexibility and investment goals under Reg A, Reg D, and
    Reg S.
Liquidity for Investors
  • Robust secondary market is going to offer much needed liquidity to the early investor (initial restrictions apply)
Efficient Corporate Governance
Issuers will have options for adopting easy-to-use corporate governance platforms for
  • Investor communication
  • Document management
  • Voting process
  • Reporting requirements
  • Dividend distribution
Operational Efficiency
  • Accelerated timelines for issuers to successfully offer their security
  • Trade settlement for Tokenized Securities on the secondary markets is instantaneous
Transparency & Trust
  • Issuer can offer transparency into securities ownership and trading
  • Investors have more trust in the security


 Monetary advantage at each step of the securitization - creation, sale, management, and trading - makes tokenization a


Regulatory Landscape
When you tokenize securities correctly and follow laws and regulations, it is completely legal and saves money and effort!
Securities Act of 1933 has three regulations that apply to US-based Tokenized Securities:
Regulation D
  • No registration with SEC (just filing of Form D)
  • 506(b) Safe Harbor - Generally solicit investors and work with all Investors
  • 506(c) JOBS Act - Generally solicit investors and work with Accredited Investors only
  • No limit on investment amount
  • No false or misleading statements
Regulation A+
  • Registration with SEC (Form 1-A offering circular, audited financials)
  • Generally solicit investors
  • Non-accredited Investors
  • Limited to a $50M investment
  • Money raised is "revenue" and taxed
Regulation S
  • Securities offer executed from outside US
  • Abide by the laws of the other country
This information is provided here as a general guideline. Please contact us below for an in-depth detailed analysis of these exemptions and relevance for your situation.
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